Digital Product Transformation Services for Web & Mobile Apps

Digital Transformation

With Windmill’s Digital Transformation Services, become a digital-first business and unlock new revenue opportunities and operating efficiencies.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

    Digital Transformation Strategy

    Harness the power of digital. Let Windmill develop your digital strategy as you transform from a traditional business to one that leverages modern business practices to provide value to customers in new ways. Tap new revenue streams, reduce operating costs, and drive customer engagement.


    Find out how Windmill helped an award-winning brewer build its multichannel strategy.

  • Design & Development

    Design & Development

    Windmill will design and build your new digital capabilities—be it an app, platform, or program—with our trademark dedication to user experience at its heart. Rounds of internal reviews and iterations ensure our in-house design and development teams meet the highest of standards.

  • Mobile Development

    Mobile Development

    Working in Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter, Windmill builds custom mobile solutions for Android, iOS and Windows, among others. Using a Design Thinking framework, we ensure we develop applications with a laser-focus on user experience, feasibility, and market viability.

  • Implementation


    Windmill’s in-house engineering and development team turns ideas and designs into reality. Our implementation services include build, delivery, and deployment.

  • Systems Integration

    Systems Integration

    Simplify your operations and synthesize complex workflows with Windmill’s Systems Integration services.

  • Consultancy & Analysis

    Consultancy & Analysis

    Learn from Windmill’s Digital Transformation expertise and map out your transformation roadmap. We will learn your product goals, identify problem areas, and discover new opportunities.

  • Support


    Windmill offers support services to help the client extract maximum value from their new solution. We provide guidance on sticking to the new habits and processes that a digital transformation demands. We also offer continuing solution design support, digging into how a client’s users are using their product. This can mean analyzing client data or conducting new rounds of user interviews to find new insights and further optimize UX performance.

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