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We’re headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Europe, the US, and India.

  • 2012 Windmill born on the shores of Lake Geneva
  • 2013 Buildup of Swiss banking client base
  • 2014 First corporate enterprise clients
  • 2015 India and Ukraine hubs initiated
  • 2016 Up and running in the USA
  • 2017 First VC-backed clients and Windmill Ventures launched
  • 2018 Extension in Ukraine to two more locations
  • 2019 UK open for business
  • 2020 Lisbon office opens

Our values

  • Act with passion

    We love what we do and strive for excellence and quality. We believe in what we do, otherwise we would not be doing it.

  • Take ownership

    We take the time to be crystal clear on our accountabilities and responsibilities. We take initiative, and care deeply about the outcome.

  • Be honest & transparent

    We are honest with each other about our abilities, our capacities, our mistakes, our intentions, and our concerns and we do not judge or censure others for this.

  • Trust in the team

    We provide the right support so that no one is setup for failure. We see each other as fellow human beings, and strive for positive interactions, supporting each other in an atmosphere of decency.

  • Keep an open mind

    We avoid becoming attached to a single idea. Journeys start with assumptions but never end there, so each should be tested. We believe that this fosters innovation, and by iterating we will improve.

Our leadership team

The practitioners who are driving the industry today share their experiences at Windmill.digital

Sunny Gambhir

I am very lucky to have an amazing team all around the world and some of the best clients and partners. Building great products is always challenging and it takes a lot of iterations and pivots but as long as we have the right people who can trust each other and correct set of processes supporting them, we can make this fun and joyful journey from product discovery to delivery while solving some meaningful problems.

Sunny Gambhir
Founder and Designer-in-Chief
  • Flavien Aubelle
    Flavien Aubelle
  • Taras Bakusevych
    Taras Bakusevych
    Principal User Experience Designer
  • Miles Hobart
    Miles Hobart
  • Steven Antonelli
    Steven Antonelli
  • Jani Folland
    Jani Folland
    Head of Growth - Business Development & Marketing

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