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Harness power of artificial intelligence with your data

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, data is the lifeblood of enterprise success. Envision the possibilities that arise when your data's full potential is unlocked—enabling well-informed decisions, fuelling innovation, and elevating all operational dimensions.

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    Decision Optimization

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    Precision and Error Elimination

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    Forecasting and Analysis

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    24/7 Operation

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    Innovation and Competitiveness

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    Big Data Analysis

Empowering Healthcare and Finance Enterprises with AI Solutions


Our Finance focused AI services help illuminate nuanced insights within complex data, providing the clarity needed to drive informed and decisive actions. Harness the potential of AI-driven analytics to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of finance.

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Incorporating AI into your healthcare products and workflows offers a transformative advantage. Our healthcare-focused AI services help harness the power of data analytics to uncover critical insights, facilitating informed decision-making, optimizing patient care, and elevating your capabilities in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Transform your experiences with AI

Discover Possibilities with Our AI & LLM Solutions. Elevate engagement, streamline processes, and redefine user interaction through cutting-edge innovation.

Chatbots & Conversation UI

Imagine having a virtual assistant available around the clock, providing personalized support and information to your users. Elevate customer satisfaction, streamline interactions, and increase efficiency with our AI-powered solutions.

Chatbots & Conversation UI
Generated content & pages

Craft tailored, high-quality content that resonates with your audience with the power of AI. Experience a seamless and efficient approach to content creation that frees up your time while delivering compelling materials that make an impact.

Generated content & pages
Augmented Search

Say goodbye to sifting through irrelevant results; Augmented Search understands what you need and delivers precisely that. It's like having a personal research assistant, making your data exploration faster, smarter, and more rewarding.

Augmented Search

Experience the AI Revolution Today. Let's Collaborate for Your Success!

Embrace the future of innovation and efficiency with our expert collaboration and bespoke implementation. Unleash the power of AI solutions tailored to your unique needs, amplifying your potential for success.

Effortless Setup

Our experts bring the strategy to life, seamlessly integrating AI into your operations for transformative results.

Collaborative Vision

We partner closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, shaping a shared vision for AI integration.

Tailored Strategy

Crafting a personalized AI strategy, we select the right models and design solutions that align precisely with your objectives.

  • Sam Espinos
  • Eric Larnard
  • Adam Miller-Howard
  • Paul Reiter
  • Garrett H.Stevens
  • We are very proud of the partnership with Windmill, combining Windmill’s world-class design thinking approach to Digital Transformation with Squirro’s renowned and visionary Insights Engine platform to help customers successfully execute their data analytics strategy, and to solve a range of critical business challenges. Sam Espinosa, SVP Sales & Marketing
  • I’ve partnered with Windmill across dozens of projects in both startups and large enterprises, collaborating to solve user problems across a number of different industry segments. They understand modern, user-centric product design and are my “go-to” partner for my most important opportunities. Eric Larnard, VP Platform & Shared Services, Clarivate Analytics
  • Windmill brought both vision and execution to their project with Smarsh, with a highly responsive and flexible team of designers and engineers. Adam Miller-Howard, VP Business Development, Smarsh Inc
  • Windmill has been amazing at building us a strong and fast mobile app that supports thousands of simultaneous purchases during our “drops.” Our customers cannot sing enough praise about our app and we have Windmill to thank for that! Paul Reiter, Chief Executive Officer, Great Notion Brewing
  • The Windmill team enabled us to narrow down our product requirements and to optimise our application’s functionality and impact quickly and professionally. Garrett H. Stevens, Chairman & President, Hemi-Sync


What are the benefits of AI integration for my enterprise?

AI integration can enhance operational efficiency, streamline tasks, and provide data-driven insights, ultimately boosting productivity and competitiveness in your enterprise.

How can AI optimize decision-making in my business?

AI empowers decision-making by analyzing vast data sets, identifying patterns, and offering data-driven recommendations, enabling more informed and strategic choices in your business.

What is Augmented Search, and how does it benefit my data exploration?

Augmented Search leverages AI to deliver more relevant and personalized search results, making data exploration faster and more efficient, improving decision-making, and enhancing user experiences.


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