Design Sprint Playbook: Free Guide to Design Sprints
Design Sprint Playbook

The design sprint playbook

Looking to run a design sprint but not sure how to start? Our experts have created a unique guide to help your team achieve incredible results.

What’s inside?

Discover the design sprint framework and learn how it helps businesses validate ideas through prototyping and testing. Our guide covers the 5 main steps of the process and provides detailed instructions and templates to help your team validate design ideas and maximise business value quickly.

Design Sprint Playbook
  • 30

    combined their expertise to create the guide

  • 9

    of deep experience in design thinking

  • 40

    are included in the guide

  • 58
    practical tips

    to help enhance your knowledge

About the authors

  • Sunny GambhirSunny Gambhir
    Sunny Gambhir
    Founder and CEO of Windmill

    Sunny's unique background in software engineering and design led him to found Windmill, creating innovative digital products for transformative change.

  • About-Taras-BakusevychAbout-Taras-Bakusevych-hover
    Taras Bakusevych
    Principal UX/UI designer

    Taras leads design at Windmill with passion for innovation and user satisfaction. With an architectural background, he's building a top-notch team to tackle any challenge.

  • Anastasia MarchenkoAnastasia Marchenko
    Anastasia Marchenko
    Lead UX/UI designer

    Anastasia's experience as a lead designer in healthcare has given her a deep understanding of the importance of user-centered design, which she brings to every project at Windmill.

  • Moenika ChowdhuryMoenika Chowdhury
    Moenika Chowdhury
    Design strategist

    Moenika applies her design thinking, computer science, and music technology background to create innovative digital products that make a positive difference in the world.

Download the playbook to:

  • understand your user’s needs and values
  • ensure a smooth design sprint process for your business
  • understand all stages of a design sprint
  • obtain practical experience to identify possible challenges
  • attain templates for every stage of your design sprint
  • receive expert instructions on all design sprint activities
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