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Design Sprint Playbook

Embark on your digital transformation journey, enter our competition.

As an attendee at the SCOPE conference in Orlando, enter our competition to WIN a half-day free Discovery session. A great opportunity to engage with our design sprint experts from our healthcare domain, to address your digital business challenges.

Creating Digital Experiences ‚Äčthat drive real impact in Healthcare

Join our mission to Shape Healthcares Future, as we pioneer innovative digital solutions, from intuitive interfaces in mobile apps to cutting-edge wearables. Our expertise spans UX/UI design, analytics, and visualization tools, Simplifying complexities in life sciences.

By entering the competition, you will also receive a download of our Design Sprint Playbook. This resource steps you through our design sprint methodology, a proven method to help bring to life and future proof your business ideas, through validation, prototyping and testing within a proven framework.


Our guide covers the 5 main steps of the process and provides detailed instructions and templates to help your team validate design ideas and maximise business value quickly.

  • 30

    combined their expertise to create the guide

  • 9

    of deep experience in design thinking

  • 40

    are included in the guide

  • 58
    practical tips

    to help enhance your knowledge

Meet the Windmill Team

  • Alexandra ChargeAlexandra Charge
    Alexandra Charge

    Alex is a global life sciences executive committed to transformation in clinical trials, healthcare and wellbeing with a focus on driving change and optimisation through human-centred design.

  • Sarah BehmardiSarah Behmardi
    Sarah Behmardi
    Senior Sales Consultant

    Sarah specializes in commercial strategies, NPI market access plans, and digital healthcare transformation across Pharma, MedTech and Healthcare Systems.

  • Sunny GambhirSunny Gambhir
    Sunny Gambhir
    Founder and CEO of Windmill

    Sunny's unique background in software engineering and design led him to found Windmill, creating innovative digital products for transformative change.

  • About-Taras-BakusevychTaras Bakusevych
    Taras Bakusevych
    Principal UX/UI designer

    Taras leads design at Windmill with passion for innovation and user satisfaction. With an architectural background, he's building a top-notch team to tackle any challenge.

  • MilesMiles Hobart
    Miles Hobart

    With an unparalleled track record in the B2B software landscape, Miles is an innovation leader who thrives at the intersection of data and technology.

Enter the Discovery competition and download the playbook

  • a chance to win a half-day Discovery session
  • access to the playbook with all resources to kick off your innovation needs
  • understand your users’ needs and values
  • ensure a smooth design sprint process for your business
  • learn and apply all stages of a design sprint
  • obtain practical experience to identify possible challenges
  • obtain templates for every stage of your design sprint
  • receive expert instructions on all design sprint activities
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