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Windmill and Squirro Partnership Announcement

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Windmill and Squirro partner to provide product development leaders with AI and ML capabilities

Zurich – July 28, 2021 – Digital product design & build agency Windmill has partnered with augmented intelligence solutions provider Squirro. The technology partnership combines Windmill’s digital product expertise with Squirro’s powerful insight engine to provide business with real-time and actionable insights into customers, markets, competitors, and risk to enhance decision intelligence.

Squirro, named a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines, augments search with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gather data from internal and external sources, understand users’ intent and provide actionable insights and recommendations for an improved customer experience, enhanced decision making and boosted pipeline generation.

“Every organization today has stepped towards digital transformation, leveraging advanced technologies and platforms. With every move, companies are also generating a wealth of information, often collected in raw and unstructured form. We are very proud of the partnership with Windmill, combining Windmill’s world-class design thinking approach to Digital Transformation with Squirro’s renowned and visionary Insights Engine platform to help customers successfully execute their data analytics strategy, and to solve a range of critical business challenges.” says Ralph Straeuli, Director Partner Management at Squirro.

Digital product development company, Windmill, is behind successful digital products built for its clients: Clarivate, Smarsh, and over 150 others. By integrating Squirro’s Insights Engine, customers will be able to streamline business processes even further by better utilizing their own data.

“We look for tech partners in the areas of AI & Cognitive Search, Big Data, BI, RPI and AR/VR to provide additional client value to innovative product development – Squirro delivers on several of these,” said Andrew Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at Windmill. “We have significant overlap in terms of industry expertise around Fintech, Healthtech, as well as extensive synergies in terms of customer geography, and we look forward to offering new joint expertise with a technology partner that’s a market leader in its field.”

Windmill and Squirro will be focused on offering solutions to Financial Services organizations, Global NGOs and Healthcare/Pharmaceutical companies, although the partnership offers value to organizations of any size and stage, from startups to established enterprises.


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Anthony Chase, Chief Commercial Officer, Windmill

Ralph Straeuli, Director Partner Management at Squirro.

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About Squirro

Businesses capitalize on new opportunities, improve client relations, and optimize decision-making capabilities using Squirro’s vertical-specific Augmented Intelligence solutions, which combine human intelligence with powerful AI. An Insight Engine at its core, Squirro delivers contextualized insights from your most relevant data sources and displays them directly, via workbench integrations, or through self-service applications.

Squirro works with global organizations, primarily in the Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing industries. Customers include Bank of England, Standard Chartered, ING, Brookson, Candriam, and Ninety-One. Founded in 2012, Squirro is currently present in Zürich, London, Munich, New York, and Singapore. Further information about AI-driven business insights can be found on Windmill’s Squirro Partner Page or at

About Windmill

Windmill is a boutique digital design agency dedicated to delivering impactful digital products and solutions that resolve strategic business challenges. We’re a global operation headquartered in Switzerland, with offices throughout Europe, the US, and India. We are a diverse team of digital strategy, experience design, and enterprise engineering specialists with extensive backgrounds in complex product design and delivery for banking, healthcare, compliance, and other industries. With our proven design thinking methodology, we offer clients and partners the trusted guidance and technical support required to explore transformative opportunities and strategically execute them.

We offer a premium digital product development service and are dedicated to making each engagement a success. Founded in 2012, Windmill employs over 200 user experience designers, web and mobile software developers, and other digital product development professionals as of mid-2021. The digital products we have helped develop have won industry awards for our customers from a variety of industries. For more information please visit our website,

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