Jakob’s Law: What Is It & How Does It Apply to App Design?

Designing a User-Friendly Financial App: A Guide to Jakob’s Law

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Designing a financial app that meets users’ needs and preferences is crucial to achieving financial goals. But with so many apps out there, how can you make yours stand out? One useful principle that designers can use is called Jakob’s Law, which is based on the familiarity principle.

Jakob’s Law, also known as the “mere-exposure” effect, suggests that people prefer things they are familiar with. In social psychology, it is known as the “familiarity principle.” According to Jakob’s Law, users’ expectations about a product shift to another if it seems familiar. This means that designers can make their financial app more user-friendly by using design patterns that users are already familiar with.

So, how can banks and financial professionals apply Jakob’s Law to financial app design? Here are a few tips:

  1. Use pre-existing design patterns: Users are already familiar with common design patterns that are used in other apps. By using these patterns in your financial app, you can make it easier for users to learn and use your app. For example, users expect the login button to be in the top right corner of the screen, so don’t put it in a different location.
  2. Identify users’ “desire paths”: Users have certain tasks they want to accomplish in your financial app, and they expect to find them in a certain location. Identify these “desire paths” by using session recording tools to see how users interact with your app. Then, place the most important features where users expect to find them.
  3. Strike a balance between familiarity and uniqueness: While using pre-existing design patterns can make your financial app easier to use, it can also make it seem boring and unoriginal. To make your app stand out, add unique design elements that align with your product and brand. But don’t go overboard – the app should still feel familiar to users.
  4. Use the “Five Whys” technique: If you’re struggling to identify new concepts to apply to your financial app design, try using the “Five Whys” technique. Start by asking “why” five times to understand a problem, and then use that information to arrive at a solution.

By following these tips, banks and financial professionals can create financial apps that are both user-friendly and unique. Remember to keep the user in mind and use design patterns that are familiar to them, but also be creative and add unique design elements that align with your brand.

Jakob’s Law is a powerful tool for designing financial apps that can revolutionize the industry. By applying this principle, banks and financial professionals can create apps that not only meet users’ needs but also stand out from the competition. By boosting the user experience and increasing user engagement, these apps can also boost the bottom line. So, don’t overlook Jakob’s Law when designing your financial app – it could be the key to your success.

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