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Windmill’s end-to-end product design and development services run the gamut from ideation to deployment. Maximize your product’s potential with creative workshops, design sprints, MVP testing and development, and more.

  • Ideation


    Ideation is the Big Bang of product design. In a Windmill-hosted ideation workshop, experience a controlled explosion of ideas—ready to be sorted, graded, and developed. Ideation can be the most exciting phase of the product development cycle, when individuals and teams fizz with energy.

    Ideation sessions led by Windmill’s experienced and passionate facilitators bring numerous benefits to a product development project:

    • Guided exercises generate a breadth of ideas and help a team push through the obvious and into the realm of true creative thinking, maximizing your product’s potential.
    • Harness the diversity of thought in your team and discover unexpected ideas.
    • Uncover multiple product innovation pathways.
  • Prototyping


    Windmill’s prototyping team will make something real from an idea, something that can be tested, adapted, and validated, providing confidence through data that your product is headed in the right direction. Windmill creates working prototypes that can be touched, used, and experienced, providing tangible feedback and proof of concept.

  • UX Audit

    UX Audit

    For companies experiencing performance issues with an existing product in the market, Windmill will complete a thorough assessment to identify UX solutions.

    • Advice on the alignment of your product’s user experience with your goals and the needs of its target users;
    • Data analysis of your product (based on available data), including bounce rates, abandonments, and load speed;
    • A deep-dive report detailing steps to remedy your UX challenges.
  • MVP

    MVP Development

    Prove your business case and cut down development time with Windmill’s end-to-end MVP Development services. We design and build testable, user-focused products with velocity top-of-mind to help you accelerate your product cycle.

  • Validation

    Validation & Iteration

    Windmill’s expert user testing team will put your product or MVP through its paces and gain high-quality feedback with actionable insights. Learn how your product and idea can be enhanced to better align product-market fit.

  • Implementation


    Windmill’s in-house engineering and development team turns ideas and designs into reality. Our implementation services include build, delivery, and deployment.

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