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Digital product design services

Windmill’s end-to-end product design and development services run the gamut from ideation to deployment. Maximise your product’s potential with creative workshops, design sprints, MVP testing and development, and more.

  • Ideation


    Ideation is the Big Bang of product design. In a Windmill-hosted ideation workshop, experience a controlled explosion of ideas—ready to be sorted, graded, and developed. Ideation can be the most exciting phase of the product
    development cycle – individuals and teams will grow, change their perspectives, and creative juices will be flowing.

    Ideation sessions led by Windmill’s experienced and passionate facilitators bring numerous benefits to a product development project:

    • Guided exercises generate a breadth of ideas and help a team push through the obvious and into the realm of true creative thinking, maximising your product’s potential.
    • Harness the diversity of thought in your team and discover unexpected ideas.
    • Uncover multiple product innovation pathways.
  • Prototyping


    Windmill’s prototyping team will make something real from an idea, something that can be tested, adapted, and validated, providing confidence through data that your product is headed in the right direction. Windmill creates working prototypes that can be touched, used, and experienced, providing tangible feedback and proof of concept.

  • UX Audit

    UX Audit

    For companies experiencing performance issues with an existing product in the market, Windmill will complete a thorough assessment to identify UX solutions.

    • Advice on the alignment of your product’s user experience with your goals and the needs of its target users;
    • Data analysis of your product (based on available data), including bounce rates, abandonments, and load speed;
    • A deep-dive report detailing steps to remedy your UX challenges.
  • MVP

    MVP Development

    Prove your business case and cut down development time with Windmill’s end-to-end MVP Development services. We design and build testable, user-focused products with velocity top-of-mind to help you accelerate your product cycle.

  • Validation

    Validation & Iteration

    Windmill’s expert user testing team will put your product or MVP through its paces and gain high-quality feedback with actionable insights. Learn how your product and idea can be enhanced to better align product-market fit.

  • Implementation


    Windmill’s in-house engineering and development team turns ideas and designs into reality. Our implementation services include build, delivery, and deployment.

Our digital product design process: 

Step 1: Define the product vision 

The first step is to define the overall vision for your product. This includes identifying the target market, the problem the product is intended to solve, and the desired user experience.

Step 2: Develop the product concept

Based on the product vision, our digital product team creates a detailed concept that outlines the key features and functionality of your product.

Step 3: Create the product roadmap

We then create a detailed product roadmap that outlines the key steps and milestones needed to bring your product to market. 

Step 4: Design the user experience

Our team designs a user experience that aligns with your product vision and meets the needs of your target market. This may involve creating wireframes, prototypes, and user flows to visualise and test different design concepts.

Step 5: Build the product

Based on the product concept and user experience design, our digital product design team creates a functional prototype or minimum viable product (MVP). This is then tested and refined through user testing and iterative development.

Step 6: Launch the product

Once the product is ready for release, it is launched to the market and made available to users.

Step 7: Monitor and optimise the product

After the product is launched, our team continues to monitor its performance and gather feedback from users. Based on this feedback, we may make updates to the product over time to optimise its performance and user experience.

What is user experience (UX) design? 

UX design focuses on creating products or services that provide relevant and meaningful experiences to users. UX designers must ensure that a new product or service fulfils the needs and wants of specific users.

This is achieved by conducting in-depth research on the target audience, user interactions, customer journeys, and more.

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What is user interface (UI) design? 

UI design focuses on the user’s visual experience and UI designers must create digital products that delight users aesthetically. This may be achieved using various elements including typography, images, animations, and more.

UX design and UI design work closely together and both elements are essential to a product. UX design ensures that a digital product is effective and meets users’ needs, while UI design delights users by making the product aesthetically appealing.

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Why does UX matter in digital product design? 

The demand for digital products is increasing rapidly and companies need to adapt their processes if they want to retain customers and scale. To remain competitive, large organisations must overcome digital transformation challenges and smaller companies should expand the portfolio of digital products they are offering.

It is no longer enough to simply launch a product that addresses a relevant user’s need. Nowadays, consumers expect digital products to offer a seamless, meaningful, and highly-personalised user experience.

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This is why Windmill puts the user experience at the centre of all its products and creates innovative digital solutions that support an agile business environment.

We focus on the entire project journey rather than just the end product, and our team is fully committed to helping businesses deliver award-winning products that delight and empower users.

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Why choose Windmill? 

  • Windmill helps companies of every size achieve transformational change and bring bold ideas to life by creating innovative and impactful digital products. 
  • Windmill’s end-to-end product design and delivery solution provide value at all stages of the digital product development lifecycle. 
  • Windmill is made up of a diverse team of more than 150 designers and developers who are committed to delivering groundbreaking digital products. 
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  • Windmill’s proven product design thinking methodology can help address any business challenge, no matter how complex.
  • Windmill prioritises security and is certified to the highly acclaimed ISO standards.
  • Windmill believes that digital products should be user-friendly and meaningful – and this is how they create them to be. 
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What our clients have to say about our product design services

  • I’ve partnered with Windmill across dozens of projects in both startups and large enterprises, collaborating to solve user problems across a number of different industry segments. They understand modern, user-centric product design and are my “go-to” partner for my most important opportunities.
    Eric Larnard
    Eric Larnard VP Platform & Shared Services, Clarivate Analytics
  • Windmill brought both vision and execution to their project with Smarsh, with a highly responsive and flexible team of designers and engineers.
    Adam Miller-Howard
    Adam Benjamin VP Business Development, Smarsh Inc.
  • Windmill has been amazing at building us a strong and fast mobile app that supports thousands of simultaneous purchases during our “drops.” Our customers cannot sing enough praise about our app and we have Windmill to thank for that!
    Paul Reiter
    Paul Reiter Chief Executive Officer, Great Notion Brewing
  • The Windmill team enabled us to narrow down our product requirements and to optimise our application’s functionality and impact quickly and professionally.
    Garrett H. Stevens
    Garrett H. Stevens Chairman & President, Hemi-Sync
  • I just wanted to send a personal thank you to the Windmill team for the amazing work you've done and continue to do for Next Caller.
    Having access to - and control of - the website has not just made my job easier, it's empowered me to do more. I've been inspired to be proactive in new marketing initiatives and don't have to waste time executing. It's made a HUGE difference for me and for our business... and I have your team to thank.
    Sam Espinoza
    Sam Espinosa SVP Sales & Marketing
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