Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Designed by Windmill

Streamlined crypto-currency trading platform

Design and development of a simple and secure platform enabling cryptocurrency trading and portfolio monitoring, anytime and anywhere.


To create a platform providing a quick and easy way for novices and professionals to manage crypto assets that banks could integrate with their systems and provide as an additional service.


After a comprehensive review of the user needs, we developed a powerful but intuitive platform that enables both trading and active management of a crypto portfolio.

Cryptocurrencies, based on Blockchain technologies, have the potential to make a huge impact on the future of the world economy, and this makes them attractive to investors. While analysts dramatically diverge on their opinion of the ultimate value of the core tech, one thing is certain: cryptocurrency is not a “magic word” that guarantees profits. People interested in this market need to be empowered with the tools to be successful at managing their activity in this area.

By developing a trading platform with functionality that slices through the fog and complexity of this fast-moving and fast-changing marketplace, we enable users to focus on the analysis and management of their cryptocurrency accounts. Banks can integrate this solution to deliver a tailored crypto investment experience to their current clients and new clients they can attract with this offering.

Developing a Solution

We kicked off with a comprehensive evaluation designed to analyze the needs, motivations, and goals for the cryptocurrency trading project. More specifically, we wanted to understand how we could build a trading platform that could solve problems for the prototypical crypto user:

  • What motivates people to invest in cryptocurrency?
  • When choosing an exchange platform, what are the key challenges?
  • What are the tools that users need to start trading?
  • Which tools could help start investors?
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From Drawing Board to Execution

Utilizing this foundational research, we defined key features, designed our vision for the platform’s ultimate workflow, mapped users’ current experience as a point of comparison, and identified methods for transforming nagging issues into improvement opportunities.

The Vision

We aimed to build a platform designed from the ground up to create a great experience in crypto by providing for core functionality like

  • Instant, Mobile-Friendly Access: Trade crypto anytime, anywhere
  • Full Portfolio Management Functionality: Track performance and take action
  • Integrated Support: via bank or third-party advisor
  • Multi-Wallet Support: Secure storage and instant transactions

Focused Portfolio Dashboard

Our research suggested that non-professional traders need a quick view of their portfolio performance. For this purpose, we created an intuitive, data-rich portfolio performance dashboard that displays key information across a series of pre-set timeframes.


Live Market Intelligence

Reliable real-time market data plus Price Alerts for optimal trading agility.

Simplified Management

The currency exchange process is contained on a single screen without sacrificing vital information. The user can also quickly manage additional options, like instant withdrawal to an external wallet, card, or bank accounts, within the platform.


Multi-wallet Support

All accounts are stored in a single, secure application. Users can create an unlimited number of crypto and other FIAT accounts, send and receive money, and easily view their transactions log.


Mobile experience

We provide a mobile experience that allows users on the go to access the full functionality of the application.

  • All the features are in your pocket: from trading to account management.
  • Access to your money from anywhere.

Exchange in seconds

Buying and selling can be accomplished in a few taps. Customizable Price Alerts and push notifications help users make quicker decisions on the go.


A Professional Grade Trading Platform

This application has extensions that can be added that include additional tools necessary for professional cryptocurrency traders.


We designed an application that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere, with a full toolset for portfolio management, market monitoring with third-party advisory support, secure storage, and instant transactions.

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