Digital Private Banking Platform Designed by Windmill

Omni-channel e-banking platform for private clients and HNWI

A personalized digital wealth management experience for high net worth individuals


Our client, a private bank, recognized they needed to update their applications and online client touchpoints as the wealth management sector continued to innovate around them. All of this was fueled by fully digital challenger banks and tech savvy investors constantly on their smartphones, and expect their banks to be fully connected as well. The goal was to provide a personalized, frictionless customer journey to each of their users, at any time of day, to fully complement and enrich the traditional relationship management interactions.


Through a series of data collection and research activities, and by leveraging multiple hands-on, collaborative design techniques, we first crafted a vision of what a next-generation wealth management platform could look like. We then validated extensively before delivering the transformed experience to clients.

Wealth management involves more than just investment advice in the digital age. Today, wealth management consists of complex interconnected processes that enable financial service providers to truly assess a client’s goals and tailor a personalised strategy that maximizes returns. It’s a consultative process that requires financial service providers to leverage several digital products and services that deliver the kind of user experience clients want.

As technology evolves and the world becomes more interconnected, investors and wealth management professionals need uninterrupted access to the most accurate and timely financial information. Rather than attempting to integrate disparate information and advice from various third-party sources, investors benefit from a more holistic approach to managing their finances.

Following our proven design thinking methodology, we worked to discover our partners’ unique pain points and delivered a sleek digital platform that communicated the financial information their stakeholders need – through the digital devices they use the most.

We provided full-stack design and development services to enable complete portfolio management, market monitoring, advisory support, and more.

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How Did We Start?

We ran a comprehensive study to analyze the needs, motivations, and goals of high-value investors and around investment in general. Some of our questions were:

  • What motivates people to invest?
  • What core challenges do investors face when working with portfolios?
  • What are the needs of this user group?
  • How do we simplify financial apps and make them more accessible?

Our Vision

Through our research, we defined some key features that should be included in any investment platform and developed a prototype of our vision. Our new designs enabled end-users to engage with their stocks, funds, and equities efficiently, and take intuitive action to manage their wealth. Investors can carry and manage multiple portfolios right in their pockets.

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“The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.”

Warren Buffett

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Position Check

Great opportunity to see all positions for each portfolio in an account, the client can dynamically see all movements.

Enhanced Communication

Empowered clients to engage with a portfolio advisor or support team through innovative in-app messaging features. It’s an easy way for users to get quick answers to common questions, book appointments, or consult with a financial professional. 

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Windmill demonstrated the necessary experience and expertise to enable users to access and interact with their financial information on a whole new level.  The bank was able to meet its goals of improving the engagement levels and overall service satisfaction of its demanding high net worth clients.

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