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What Windmill Means to Me

Sunny Gambhir
  • Life at Windmill

In a recent conversation I had with one of our principals, Miles Hobart, we found ourselves asking why we do what we do every day. The answer to that question will vary from person to person, but as a company, how we answer it will largely drive where we go and what we achieve.

What’s your why? As for me, I’m striving to be a part of a company that embodies some of the core principles I’ve picked up along my personal and professional journeys.

First and foremost, I envision joy at the center of everything we do, making sure what we do every day nourishes and fulfills each of us. At Windmill we would like to create a space where we can be ourselves and have fun in our roles while joyfully contributing our expertise to enable growth. Our team mates are our partners in this journey; the question is always, “How can we make this journey delightful for everyone?”

Another principle I strive to see embodied at Windmill is abundance, and for me, abundance starts with gratitude. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been given in this life that has led me to be here with this amazing team, working on such impactful products. I look at the designs we create, the people all around us, and the amazing clients we get to work with and am so inspired by the sheer possibilities we have as a company to make a difference. By feeling the abundance all around us and always remembering to take a moment to relax and simply be present, we can approach each challenge with a clear mind and truly bring our best selves to the table.

Creativity is another key concept I am trying to instill at the core of our identity here at Windmill. It’s not just our design teams that are creative; creativity can be expressed in every role from development to talent acquisition. Creativity is very simple and innate among humans, and we can all be craftsmen if we choose to be – it’s all about approaching anything we do with reverence.

Last but definitely not least, I envision a company where we are continuously challenged for the benefit of our own growth and development. Our greatest hurdles in life always serve to foster the most personal growth. As we move toward achieving our goals together, my personal goal is to create a company where everyone is motivated to do their part. Growth is about people, and the safer our employees feel to expand their minds and experiences, the more we can do as a company to enhance the development of our interconnected world.

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