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Embracing Joy and Growth: A Look into Windmill’s Core Principles

Sunny Gambhir
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Recently, I had a conversation with one of our principals, Miles Hobart, where we discussed the importance of understanding the reasons behind our daily actions. As a company, our purpose and passion will largely influence our direction and accomplishments. In this post, we will explore some of the fundamental principles that guide us at Windmill and enable us to achieve our objectives.

Joy at the Core

At the heart of everything we do, I believe that joy should be the driving force. We aim to establish a work environment where our team can be themselves, enjoy what they do in their roles, and contribute their expertise to enable growth. Our teammates are our partners on this journey, and our objective is to make the journey pleasant for everyone.

Embracing Abundance and Gratitude

Another key principle for me is abundance. By embracing abundance and gratitude, we can approach each challenge with a clear mind and bring our best selves to the table. We are grateful for everything we have, from the designs we create to the people we work with, and we are inspired by the possibilities we have as a company to make a difference.

Fostering Creativity and Craftsmanship

Creativity is another vital concept that I strive to embody. I believe that creativity is not limited to our design teams; it can be expressed in every role, from development to talent acquisition. Creativity is a simple and innate trait among humans, and we can all be craftsmen if we approach anything we do with reverence. By fostering a culture of creativity, we can continuously innovate and find new solutions to complex problems.

Continuous Challenge for Growth and Development

Lastly, I believe in creating a company where everyone is continuously challenged for their growth and development. We understand that our greatest hurdles in life serve to foster the most personal growth. As we work together to achieve our goals, our aim is to create an environment where everyone is motivated to do their part. Growth is about people, and the more we can establish a secure environment where our employees can expand their minds and experiences, the more we can do as a company to enhance the development of our interconnected world.

In conclusion, my purpose and passion are guided by these core principles: joy, abundance, creativity, and growth. We believe that by embodying these principles, we can achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact in the world.

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