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What does it take to put together a world-class design team that can take on any challenge?

Taras Bakusevych has set out to explore that as Principal Designer at Windmill Smart Solutions.

Taras began his professional journey in architecture, studying interior design. He didn’t study product design specifically, but much of his coursework focused on graphic design and digital art, lending perfectly to an eventual career designing digital products.

After spending some time in various startup environments, Taras joined Windmill as a UX/UI Designer. It was a small team back then, so he spent a lot of time working directly with our CEO, Sunny Gambhir. Starting with visual enhancements to some of Sunny’s original designs, Taras eventually moved on to providing structural direction, and today he oversees the design process of every Windmill product.

“From setting the right expectations for clients, to daily operations and project management, there’s a lot going on at any given moment. I’m grateful to have grown to a position where I can help spearhead some of these areas as we work toward the company’s growth” he shares.

Designing the Future

One of the things Taras enjoys most about Windmill is the clients he gets to work with, and the high level of trust placed on his team.

Many of these companies depend on the products we build to propel them into the next phase of their evolution. We’re building the future.

“In order for the company to be successful, we need a dedicated, mature, and diverse design team that works well together,” Taras continues. There’s always a new challenge to tackle, and sometimes it can even feel addictive. Jumping from one task to another keeps Taras engaged in his work, and while he admits that it can become difficult to focus at times, he attributes much of his success to this environment of constant change.

“Sure, you’ll get stuff thrown at you. But if you’re able to take on the challenges presented to you and design creative solutions, there is unmatched reward in the experience. It’s how I learned so much so quickly and continue to learn every day.”

Meaningful Connections and Contributions

It goes much further than designing great products. “It’s like a family here”, shares Taras. “It’s never about the numbers. We don’t grow for the sake of growing. We want to gather a group that genuinely enjoys working together, and we hope that each member of our team always remains connected to the relationships and experiences they build here.”

“You’re very much in control of your path here,” adds Taras. “Our goal is always to align everyone’s individual goals with the overall mission of the company, and we openly encourage freedom of expression. Each person is empowered to share their vision. We want everyone to contribute toward moving the company in the right direction.”

Building a World-Class Team

Windmill is rapidly expanding, with new designers joining the team all over the world. Over the next six months, Taras plans to focus on training his new team members and making sure they gain exposure to varied projects that help develop their skills.

“We have a lot of incoming projects, and we want to make sure our designers are prepared to take them on,” Taras shares.

Looking further toward the future, Taras and the Windmill leadership team are looking to gather the best of the best in design. “We want to build a uniquely talented team, one that has the ability to tackle any design challenge at any scale,” says Taras.

“Design is not just about visuals. It’s deeply embedded in the product development process. It’s a journey we take with our clients. If it’s not enjoyable, what’s the point? We want to take an enjoyable journey altogether, one that benefits the growth and development of all involved” he remarks.

We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Taras and his team. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned into the latest from our designers and others.

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