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Facilitating a Culture of Innovation: Our Core Values

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What does it take to build something truly remarkable? That’s a question we ask ourselves every day at Windmill Smart Solutions.

As a company that designs and develops next-generation digital products, we each have a lot of individual experience in building remarkable digital experiences; but collectively, we are more than a group of developers, design thinkers, and agile practitioners – we are a team on a mission to enrich our human experience as well, while making an impact through our work.

Acting with Passion

At the core of passion is love, and here at Windmill, we truly love what we do. We make a great team because we each have an individual personal connection to our work, and collectively, we believe in the power of making a positive impact through design. We have a passion for helping each other, helping our community, and helping make life a little bit easier for our clients and their customers through the innovative digital products we create.

Taking Ownership

There’s a lot of room for confusion out there, so we always take due diligence to be crystal clear on each of our responsibilities. By knowing what is expected of each of us, we’re able to work faster and more effectively toward our goals. Taking ownership helps us minimize inefficiency while maximizing productivity. Ultimately, it makes our team stronger and enables us to provide exceptional client service.

Honesty and Transparency

Open communication and a strong sense of trust enable us to build a sustainable and successful company together. That’s why here at Windmill, we’re always honest about our abilities and intentions, as well as our mistakes. We remain upfront about our emotions and concerns, and we never judge or censure anyone for sharing how they feel.

Mutual Trust and Respect

We are all partners in this journey we call life, and as such we always see each other as fellow human beings first. This small act of compassion makes a big difference in how we relate to each other; ultimately it makes us better designers, innovators, and critical thinkers, and more well-rounded as a whole. We strive to maintain mutual trust and respect so we can all enjoy positive interactions, valuable connections, and a healthy work environment.

Open Mindedness

We live in an age of boundless potential. Keeping up requires agility, and agility begins in the mind. We’re continuously testing our assumptions and sharpening our knowledge – it’s how we stay prepared to face every new challenge. With each iteration comes a chance to improve our ideas, foster greater innovation, and propel ourselves forward toward greater success.

Interested in Joining Our Team? 

Opportunities for innovation in this fantastic digital world of ours are abundant. We’re thankful for a team that makes the journey of discovering them so worthwhile. We’re always looking for like-minded professionals whose values align with our own. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, check out our Careers page to learn about open roles.

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