Agility is Key: Importance of Design Thinking & Lean at Windmill

Agility is Key

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Windmill was started with a single goal in mind – designing and delivering impactful experiences. As we are expanding, we are gathering the best talent and a passionate team with great leaders to come and be part of our journey.

“We are building a fun team, from design to development to growth and products, I enjoy working with the team and sharing our understanding and experiences as we learn and grow together.”

says Sunny.

In his own life, Sunny has experienced all styles of management and it reflects in how he manages as well. He’s grown into his role slowly by looking around and seeing what works in which situation. At Windmill, leadership is a joint effort and the company takes a lean and agile approach to it, appointing a handful of executives to the leadership team and rotating the title of CEO.

“We very much believe that there should be no single point of control or failure. I’ve taken the title of CEO because someone has to have it, but it doesn’t mean anyone else in the core leadership team won’t have that title in the future. We share a vision but there is no single right way or person”, Sunny notes. “Having all these different people working together and understanding the vision without ego is how we approach leadership.”

Design Thinking + Lean is at the core of Windmill Smart Solutions, and it’s prevalent in every part of the company. “We internally run design thinking workshops to enable better understanding and definition of needs and gaps. We try things, we see what works, we discard what doesn’t work, and we continuously improve what does work” says Sunny.

The next two years will be crucial to Windmill Smart Solutions as the company looks to launch a wide range of products and projects and grow our teams in various locations. A key to our success is maintaining our continuous focus on quality and happiness at work.

“In our leadership meetings, we asked ourselves what we really want to do – what is our focus? Is it revenue, growth, or quality of work? And what we all said is that we want to be selective and maintain the focus on greatness and quality in whatever we do.”

The company always aims to work on a manageable number of projects, enabling us to focus and deliver truly great solutions. This allows for a team where each person is a valuable contributor toward success. 

“We’ve been growing, but there’s nothing more we want to do other than build great products, Windmill exists to create great experiences. That’s more than enough” says Sunny.

Sunny is proud of this atypical approach. “Everything in my life has been unique and full of great surprises.” he says. “This is reflected in the spirit of Windmill – everything we do is out of the box, we’re never in the box.”

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