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We are Windmill: Meet Sunny Gambhir

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Many executives follow a pretty straightforward path to the C-Suite. Sunny Gambhir, founder and CEO of Windmill Smart Solutions, isn’t one of them.

Rather than joining the race toward corporate achievement, Sunny decided to join a meditation center (known as an ashram in India) upon graduating top of his class with an engineering degree in computer sciences as he was still searching for a deeper meaning to his life.

Sunny spent much of his twenties at the meditation center in Pune, India where he worked as a carpenter, painter, cook, and technologist learning to be present in whatever he was doing. Work was fun – “I loved working with my hands, building furniture, painting, cleaning, cooking and getting involved in diverse activities at the center, everyday celebrating life itself. Though I studied engineering, I left it far behind, and I was simply practicing being in the moment” says Sunny.

After spending nearly a decade at Pune, India, he moved to Switzerland with his family and joined financial information & technology firm Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv) as a software engineer.

I was passionate about building applications, though I was hired as a developer, I was very fascinated by how customers interacted with the application I was developing, what was their experience like and what emotion it triggered. I put most of my effort into designing these innovative flows with that understanding and make beautiful applications.
says Sunny

Transitioning through various projects, Sunny moved through a number of diverse technology roles. He advanced from developer to technical lead, to technical architect and finally transitioned to design. Sunny was invited to become part of the UXG (User Experience Group) at Thomson Reuters, joining an amazing international team of UX designers responsible for various financial products.

Working with design teams and understanding all the challenges of delivering the right experience inspired Sunny to start his own company – one not only focused only on design but also the ability to develop and deliver these applications to customers through the support of great engineering talent.

Sunny explains that “at Windmill, we start with understanding our clients needs with various product discovery workshops and create a shared understanding of the problem, global product vision, the customers segments and their needs and the value proposition. We follow that with a lot of sketching, concepts, prototyping and iterative testing with customers. We run multiple design and discovery sprints as needed and build these successfully and iteratively with our agile development team.”

For Sunny, a great application is much more than just designing beautiful pictures in the cloud. He started Windmill because he was interested in delivering these great digital experiences. His background as a designer and developer enable him to acutely understand how to work with business, product, design, and development teams to deliver true value for customers.

Today, the best part of his job is being able to facilitate design thinking in order to discover creative solutions to modern challenges.

It’s not about working a 9 to 5 job but making sure various teams around the world are happy, passionate and enthusiastic in whatever they are doing.

I am very lucky to have an amazing team all around the world and some of the best clients and partners. Building great products is always challenging and it takes a lot of iterations and pivots but as long as we have the right people who can trust each other and correct set of processes supporting them, we can make this fun and joyful journey from product discovery to delivery while solving some meaningful problems.
says Sunny

The future at Windmill looks bright. “We’ve been growing steadily, we are having fun and I am inviting a few of the best industry leaders I’ve known and worked with to join us and be part of this journey. We want to take on the creation of a limited number of impactful digital products per year to stay more focused on quality than quantity as we expand our experience in a number of different industries and domains.” Sunny shares.

From fintech to healthcare to gaming, Windmill Smart Solutions is excited to launch new products, grow their services, and help clients achieve success.

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