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We Are Windmill: Meet Steven Antonelli

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Designing and delivering a world-class digital product is both challenging and rewarding. For our US Principal, Steven Antonelli, the magic is in the journey. Working closely with clients and team members, applying proven frameworks to help ideas progress, and being part of the processes that bring digital products to life is what Steven enjoys most.

Steven is a University of Pennsylvania graduate who began his career working with digital products soon after college. Having spent time at both large global companies and small businesses, Steven recognizes some of the inherent advantages and challenges each may have. With experience in product management, marketing, project management, and consulting, he brings a holistic view to every product engagement.

As US Principal, he focuses on working closely with clients and partners along with our design and development teams to implement the best digital product solutions for complex business challenges. Windmill’s global presence and reputation make it possible to work with exceptional clients. “We have the privilege to partner with market-leaders as well innovative disruptors across a diverse range of industries, building impactful products that deliver real value to their clients and end-users. I’m proud of the breadth and quality of the solutions we have delivered together” says Steven.

The collaboration among teams working toward a common goal is something Steven truly cherishes about his work. “I’ve always enjoyed the process of working together to create a product, applying the frameworks and methodologies we use to progress from initial concepts to development and delivery” Steven shares.

Steven takes pride in working with and representing various stakeholders and striving for success in every project. As a trusted partner and guide, Steven is dedicated to helping clients and partners discover innovative digital solutions and taking them from concept to reality.

But he doesn’t do it alone. “We have an amazing team of designers, developers, and critical thinkers who work collaboratively and strategically to support our clients and products,” says Steven.

Being part of a global team has always been important to Steven. “It’s great to be able to learn from colleagues who have experience and expertise that are different from my own” he shares.

Steven also knows how important it is to feel a sense of connection to one’s work. “At Windmill, you have the potential to make a difference. We work on such great projects with great clients. You get the chance to be a part of that and have a positive impact on everyone around you, from clients to colleagues. Everyone’s contributions are valuable at Windmill. It’s a level of fulfillment that isn’t always possible in other places” he continues.

Looking toward the future, Steven is excited to continue helping our clients and partners create digital products that make a difference and supporting their growth, as well as Windmill’s. “The people we have on our team, the clients we get to work with, and the projects we work on are what make this such a great experience for me” Steven shares.

Learn more about Windmill and what we do on our website. And if you’re interested in joining our team, check out open roles on our Careers page.

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