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We Are Windmill: Meet Miles Hobart

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Having spent his entire career in product, including related stints in strategy, partnerships and business development, Miles Hobart — UK Principal here at Windmill Smart Solutions — knows a thing or two about what it takes to deliver digital innovation. For Miles, it’s about the freedom to do it our own way.

Miles spent a lot of time at much larger organizations where the real decision-making is more of a top-down, lengthy process, so he welcomes the shift to something new. “At Windmill, I get a chance to truly sink or swim with my colleagues based on the decisions we make” says Miles.

This kind of symbiotic relationship with his work gives Miles a chance to truly connect with customers and figure out how to best serve their needs – something that’s not always easy to find.

Being part of a large firm feels a bit like being in a cocoon. There is often little direct involvement in strategy or decision-making, and indeed, customers, making it difficult to feel a personal connection to one’s work

That’s not the case at Windmill. 

“Joining Windmill has given me the opportunity to make things a lot more real. I’m able to help make more of an immediate impact on our customers’ success” he says. “I can also see the concrete impact of decisions made across the whole company, the interdependencies between the different functions, and ultimately the business impact on customers and on the satisfaction of our own teams.”

From overseeing the company’s growth in the UK, to helping scale the organization globally and spearheading new business opportunities abroad, Miles is involved in a number of strategic initiatives that are set to determine Windmill’s trajectory over the next few years. 

He is particularly excited by the projects he is leading in 2020 for the Ventures arm of the business in the areas of enterprise collaboration and private banking. 

Miles is currently driving recruitment for several key teams as Windmill continues to bloom year after year.  “A company is only as good as its people, and we’ve got great people” he continues. “We’ve got a lot of creative thinkers and the right mix of talent. We have what it takes to be successful, and we need to continuously build on that with the right people. It is time-consuming but necessary to ensure we get it right.”

This is a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Things are always changing, and there are always new opportunities for anyone who wants to seize them; proactive individuals will thrive.

For Miles, Windmill offers a rewarding mix of product design and delivery, making it possible to see projects through end-to-end. “It’s a much more fulfilling experience for people who have a passion for product,” says Miles. “Ultimately, it’s about building products on our own terms, using our skills to build the best possible products, and taking some risks to see what can succeed in the market. It’s about opportunity and freedom.”

“That said, from a leadership perspective, we have to be continually alert to the danger of taking on too much and spreading ourselves too thin” he cautions. “There is a lot of opportunity out there! We are conscious of this and rigorously prioritize our activities, and challenge each other on this, so we are always adding the most value.”

Windmill presents fantastic opportunities for Miles to personally learn and grow and also to nurture others. He especially enjoys mentoring younger team members, helping to steer them ahead and offering advice on how to evolve throughout their careers. So far, working with such a motivated and inspired team and coaching them toward their own success is one of the best parts of the journey. 

Outside of growing Windmill’s products and services, Miles loves to stay active and spend time in nature. When he’s not working, he’s hiking in the mountains during summer or skiing in the winter as much as possible. Keeping fit and hanging out with family and friends and dog are what help Miles stay grounded and focused. 

As we dive into 2020, Miles is looking forward to ensuring successful delivery on all client engagements and helping propel Windmill’s growth across the board. The new decade is ripe with opportunity for impactful teamwork, personal development, and even greater innovation. If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, be sure to check out our open roles on our Careers page.

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