Digital product strategy for a clear direction

Our digital product strategy services will clarify objectives and create exciting web and mobile app concepts.

  • Frame your product opportunities

    Frame your product opportunities

    Windmill will guide you through a strategic assessment in order to help clarify your digital product plans and aspirations, including: business model, market, target audience, user needs, technology status and constraints. After that, we will work with you to rationalize, simplify, align, and organize and make sure not to lose sight of the big picture by connecting the right dots and touchpoints.

  • Align around the value proposition

    Align around the value proposition

    Throughout the digital product strategy process, understanding the value proposition is key for each of your web and native mobile apps.  We will work with you to ensure a clear understanding amongst stakeholders of the envisaged value proposition, be it a brand new offering, reinvention or major extension of an existing one. We will help you attempt to answer strategic questions such as – Does this digital product strategically sit well within any existing product portfolio? Are we confident that the value and thus market fit is there?

  • Validate using a tangible digital product concept

    Validate using a tangible digital product concept

    As part of the digital product strategy exercise, we will work with you to define a compelling and feasible early vision, or set of options, of what the future state could be. We look to provide you with an impactful, high-fidelity experience that can be shared and discussed and, more importantly, validated as early as possible in the digital product creation process.

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