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Life is absolutely unpredictable. That’s the beauty of it, as well as the challenge. Tetiana Holubnycha, our recruitment lead at Windmill Ukraine, is a living testament of what it means to truly face whatever life throws at you, and how to always turn it into an opportunity to grow.

Tetiana took to the arts as a child, and she has always loved communicating with people. She originally studied at a musical conservatory before embarking on a marvelous 8-year career as an opera singer. It’s during this time that Tetiana found her love for travel, spending a lot of time on the road with theater troupes or on concert tours.

Unfortunately, Tetiana’s music career wasn’t sustainable for the long-term. With economic troubles impacting many in Ukraine, few people were coming out to enjoy music and theater. And without funding, many buildings lacked heat in the winter, making it impossible to perform shows. Tetiana also faced some complications with her throat, eventually leaving her unable to sing like before.

But she didn’t let this stop her. Tetiana started to think about what else she can do with her life and what other kinds of career paths she might enjoy. Driven by her fascination with communication and psychology, she enrolled in a university program for Human Resources. From there, she moved onto a number of roles at large and small companies alike, from tight-knit family businesses to sprawling factories.

While she enjoyed communicating and working with people, Tetiana soon realized she didn’t quite enjoy the management side of Human Resources. Uninterested in things like documentation and verification, Tetiana sought a role where she can tap into her communication skills and focus more on making connections with people.

Before arriving to Windmill, however, Tetiana’s took an unexpected turn once again. The young mother found herself recently divorced and running out of money. But rather than letting it derail her, she found the strength to move forward once again. Determined to succeed, Tetiana began searching for new opportunities. She opened her own business and worked a few more jobs before eventually landing at Windmill Smart Solutions, where she’s been for over a year now.

“This is the best job I’ve had in my life” says Tetiana. She attributes her positive experiences to the flexible work environment, friendly atmosphere, and smart leadership at Windmill.

“You can always be honest with everyone here, and you’ll never have a problem communicating even with top management. If you do your job, you will reap the rewards. Everyone here is important and has a chance to thrive” Tetiana shares.

Tetiana has a busy career at Windmill, but it’s one she truly enjoys. There’s always a fast pace to keep up with – an average day can include any number of interviews, as well as other communications and tasks. For Tetiana, it’s a pleasure to meet new people, learn what makes them tick, and figure out what they need.

Windmill is quickly expanding, a process Tetiana is honored to help lead. There were only a handful of developers at Windmill’s Dnipro office when she first started; today, it’s about the same size as our Lviv location. Just last month, Tetiana and her team welcomed 14 new candidates, a feat known among recruiters to be incredibly challenging. It was the best month of Tetiana’s career so far, and she’s most excited to know it’s only the beginning.

“Next year I’ll be moving to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where Windmill will be opening a new office.” Tetiana is excited for Windmill’s continued growth, and she hopes to work toward more global collaboration in the future.

“I want potential employees to know that Windmill is truly unique. Our team here is incredibly smart and loyal, and we work hard to nurture an open and inclusive environment. This is often very different from other work environments people in Ukraine have experienced, and it’s what sets Windmill apart. This is a place for people who want to collaborate, learn, and grow in a family environment” says Tetiana.

Just a few years ago, Tetiana almost lost all hope. Facing seemingly insurmountable troubles, she thought her life was over. Now, Tetiana believes that it was in these moments that her life was truly beginning.

“I have a career I love, making global connections every day. I have a happy life with my wonderful family. Soon, we’re moving to a bigger city, and who knows what the future will bring from there. I want people to know that you should never give up. The only option is to keep going. If you work hard and find ways to enjoy the simple things in life, you will find happiness. It’s a choice we make every single day” she remarks.

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