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An Italian-American sports buff who enjoys playing baseball and football… but who speaks Russian and lives and works in Ukraine? Not your average kind of guy.

Change and adaptability are hallmarks of John Peppe, Global Operations Lead at Windmill. It is his job to ensure that the Studios of designers and developers across locations and geographies are healthy, functioning efficiently and securely, and are pulling in the same direction.

John started out by stacking up his academic credentials, starting with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from a leading US university, then adding another bachelor’s degree in Business Management, followed by an MBA from George Washington University for good measure. He started his career as a software developer but later moved into project management and then product management. He went on to serve as a Vice President in a Fortune 500 company where he led a business unit with over 600 employees.

John loves playing chess and he brings some of that strategic and analytical thinking to his role. “Operational success demands that we embrace a problem-solving culture to be able to always keep progressing. On the other hand, it also demands a certain amount of process sophistication and maturity. When the two factors come together, deliveries can become predictable and high-quality.”

John brings extensive business experience to his role, and one of the challenges he has taken on for himself is to help Windmill mature as a company and grow, in which he enjoys the ongoing support and encouragement of his colleagues and team-mates.

Having experienced significant change and growth in his own life already, he remains inspired by the company ethos to ensure that “we are continuously challenged for the benefit of our own growth and development.” “Personally, I would like to start working on my bucket list and experiencing some things that I’ve been hoping to do for a long time.”

Apart from throwing balls in team sports, to recharge the batteries John enjoys time with his wife and children, and relaxing with a classic film or TV show from the old country.

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