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Andrew Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer

“Creating business growth that fits Windmill’s culture is more important than achieving sales for sales sake”

Andrew Cooper has worked across multiple fields of technology during his career: internet services; open source software; country risk analytics; and tech start-ups. The common challenge across each of these is the commercialization of technology through effective collaboration: across sales; marketing; alliances;  and product development and management… and the common solution is one of keeping an open mind while recognizing and emphasizing what is great about one’s company; colleagues; products; partners; and customers.

On his motives for joining Windmill, Andrew explains, “Delivering on the promise of technology is something at the heart of everything Windmill does: the technical potential of data lakes; machine learning; AI; AR… they all ultimately depend on the usability and capabilities of the interfaces between the user and the underlying tech. These can only come from a deep understanding of the real drivers behind a stated customer objective, and then translating that into product and engineering design and build which stay true to the vision – while being versatile enough to accommodate inevitable changes in spec along the way.”

“My remit at Windmill is to identify exciting projects which challenge and inspire our design and development teams while retaining a laser-focus on the customer needs: Windmill have always been selective about projects and partners, and this aligns well with my vision for growth – both personal and corporate”

He adds, “Windmill is an exciting and fast-paced environment and I look forward to growing the team and surpassing past successes in 2021 as we continue to embrace the challenges the world seems determined to keep throwing at us”.

When Andrew isn’t running sales and marketing for Windmill he likes to stay active by running; hiking; and riding his motorbike on the Trans-Euro Trail; and to unwind by spending time with his family, friends, and two dogs.

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